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Ender's Game: The Premises behind this bestseller!

The three premises that make this book a masterpiece (aside from being excellently executed):

1.To wage war detached from death:

The problem of waging war detached from death is not measuring the damage you perpetuate. Destruction without consequence is already in our midsts, where war is waged in a room, thousands are killed who appear as a number rather than human beings with a personal identity. In this book, Ender destroyed a whole species feeling reprimands from his superiors rather than the self-induced consciousness telling you something is nor right.

2. It matters how you win:

Winning without limits to the means you'd use creates a big blind spot on the morality behind the methods in question. Of course, if argued that it's either them or us, I guess you'd do about anything to defeat the enemy, even if it means genocide.

3. Your end-result as a human being is not important for the military. Once you accomplish a given task, you're expendable (Disposable Heroes, quoting Metallica!):

Trained to become a war hammer, Ender is faced with the immorality of having been used for an ulterior motive without his consent. Having had the choice, it is clear he would've taken another course to affront the Formics threat. Once he had been used, the military is faced with two problems:

a. You pissed off your best weapon, which might turn on you and destroy you (the weapon you created knows all your weaknesses, mind you!)
b. The commanders following your weapon of choice will doubt your methods. Civil war would be at hand!


This book is gripping from the beginning to the end. The main character is a hero that will be remembered for a long time. To keep this review short, I will add that you will most certainly enjoy this masterpiece in any mode you wish to consume it.

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