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Indie Author Success

I love to hear about the success of Indie-Authors. Not only on the literature spectrum, but also when it comes to music, movies, and other modes of human expression. 

Since my branch of art is literature, I will focus this post on indie-authors.

Many colleagues are paving the roads of success in this brilliant, full-of-opporunity world. Authors like Hugh Howey have done a tremendous job of becoming a NY Times best-seller, signing a deal to make a movie, and having an outrageous number of reviews on his book Wool (over 7,500 reviews on Amazon!). Other indie-authors such as AG Riddle with his book Atlantis - Gene, is making a stellar role in paving the road to indie-author success.

In the Spanish speaking world indie-authors are also shining from successful stories. Take for example Blanca Miosi. Born in Peru, now living in Venezuela, she self-published her works in Spanish through Amazon and has ever since her debut been at the top of the Spanish best-selling titles.

Her most popular work: Waldek, the boy who defied the Nazis, has recently been translated from the original title in Spanish. The original piece has accumulated over 350 reviews in Amazon. No other book in Spanish has yet achieve as much reviews. This is stellar. Indie-authors are making it out there.

Us? Well, as an indie-author I have no other choice but to continue working on my novels. I am, however, fond of having excellent examples that have succeeded in becoming best-selling authors. Other authors not mentioned here have also achieved much as independent authors. If you know of any, please leave their name in the comments section below. I would love to meet them, read their work, and follow the lead.



  1. Dear Paul,
    Self-publishing is here to keep, with the easily and clarity in the accounts that Amazon offers, many of us have jumped from traditional publishing at publishing houses to publish our books in other sites such as Amazon, the main platform and the first that gave us that service.
    Thank you very much for mention me in your post and for the help and support they always give my books.

    1. Always a pleasure, Blanca. Thanks for stopping by!


    From the Wall Street Journal:

    “In 2013, self-published books accounted for 32% of the 100 top selling e-books on Amazon each week, on average.”

    Read the article published by DBW here:


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