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Best writing-tools for a writer.

I've been pondering over this post for a while. As a writer, I'm always seeking the best--more efficient and comfortable--means to solidify my thoughts. The fusion of thoughts into a novel takes much more than just a proper organization of words, plot, characters, moral/philosophical background; you also need to feel comfortable for hours on end.

Some may disagree with what I'm about to say: I feel Mac computers offer writers a better platform to express, organize, and execute thoughts into a sculpture of words. I used to write with a PC. After changing to Mac OS, it was opening the gateway towards enhanced productivity.

Enough said about that. I am not writing this post to promote or demote any brand. I'm just sharing my preference here.

When it comes to writing, there are two major APPs I use. One is Pages. The other one is Evernote.

I love to use Pages. The synchronization between my iPad and Mac is instantaneous. When on the run, I close my Mac, grab my iPad, and keep on writing where I left off, be it on the bus or in Starbucks (you would need 4G or an internet connection to synch your work). The ability to input comments between the developing skeleton of a novel, story, etc., is also simple and organized with Pages.

Evernote is the new OneNote. Microsoft is a complicated OS system. But when it comes to Office APPs, Microsoft is still unrivaled. Take Excel for example. It is far superior to the one offered by Apple. Fortunately, as a writer I seldom use excel. Microsoft Word is also quite versatile. OneNote is probably the best APP (still, sadly) for organizing thoughts into segments, imitating how my brain structure works. Sadly, it is unavailable for Mac.

Recently an APP in the APP Store called Outline has arisen to challenge OneNote. It is compatible with OneNote in many ways, yet it is not there yet. You cannot edit your OneNote imported files. This is a drag.

Outline is out of the question for me. It's a hassle when it comes to syncing with your DropBox. Evernote, however, is much simpler to use than Outline or OneNote. It synchs instantly, and you can generate notebooks, notes, resembling my thought process while elongating the strand of a story. You can have it on all of your devices, which enables you to work from your iAnything, and never miss a beat. No expenses here, Evernote is free.

The bottom line is:

APPs for writers I recommend:
1. Pages
2. Evernote

Do you have any recommendations? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for stopping by!

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