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The Remaining: Fractured (Audible Audiobook review)

Fractured is the fourth book of the grand-slam series by DJ Molles, "The Remaining".

I believe this series is by far the best post-apocalyptic series, dealing with humans infected with FURY. FURY turns humans into a violent blood-mongering being. In contrast to zombies, these monsters aren't dead, and they retain their primitive, animal behavior. 

Infected humans slowly evolve and become an isotope of humanity, only stronger, faster, cunning, and apparently, more adept to survive than uninfected humans. This posses a threat to survivors. Some of the infected have evolved to become hunters, a much more aggressive version of human ancestors, cavemen if you will.

Up till now another fact sets this series apart from other post-apocalyptic stories involving infected humans--the infected actually reproduce. They aren't the concoction of the devil, or some evil awoken by dark priests; no, these are infected mammals that gained superiority to survive the perils of the world. As animals, these infected humans actually reproduce. This impedes survivors to merely "live out the disease" as the dead dry out. No, these infected humans are making of humanity a different superior species.

In the fourth book, Captain Lee Harden manages to regain contact with several of the survivors from Camp Rider. Sadly, the camp is taken by Jerry and his minions, destroying what little ground the group had gained with Lee. Much bigger fish are being fried by the recon groups of LaRouche and Harper, who soon learn that Professor Jacob was right about his suspicions. The infected are in fact migrating. 

In the end, we are introduced to new characters who have become important to the storyline. Captain Abe and another one of Lee's comrades decide to prevent the catastrophic linking of Lee's GPS to the grid created by the now President of the remaining pieces of the USA. This leaves us agape and expecting what will be a fantastic fifth (final?) book.

As always, Molles delivers an impressive story, with vivid, real characters. Chris Rummel's narration helps listeners to connect both emotionally and empathetically with each of the characters as they evolve, change, and become a harder, ruthless version of their former self.

I severely recommend this series to anyone who enjoys zombies, infected humans wreaking havoc, war books, or just a great read. This review is of the Audible Audiobook, narrated by Chistian Rummel. You wouldn't believe how good the narration truly is!!
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