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The Remaining: Refugees by DJ Molles

Audible Audiobook version. I have to say Christian Rummel's narration is impecable. It is amazing how the narrator shifts his voice too meet the demands of the text, how the pitch meets action and how suspense meets a hushing crescendo. The narrator also plays different voices, which lets you delve deeper into the story as it evolves, recognizing each character by his voice alone. An audio book is much more than just a book, a great story. It's also an invitation to experience entertainment at a whole new level.

The Remaining: Refugees

Such a great series. I believe this book is so good because of the constant introspection, the reflecting, and the appropriate language used for the appropriate situation. The action is good, sturdy, gripping--but too much of it would be useless without the outstanding use of introspection from the characters. This makes the book memorable, making you wonder turn after turn of what you would do if shit hits the fan and the world collapses. 

In this sequel, Captain Lee Harden is faced with the cold truth, served cold and putrid. The infected are adapting, colonizing a world lost to humans. The infected are gaining survival tactics much faster than human survivors are, and already Packs and Hunters are diversifying as a new species.

Humans seem to be more of a problem onto themselves than to the infected. Infected regard humans as a meal, yet humans cannot restrain themselves from fighting over turf, over who commands and who possess, who gives orders and who completes them, helping the infected wipe humans out for good.

The worst is brought out in humanity as chaos beautifully spreads with claws that drape survivors with fear and loathing. With inner conflicts, Camp Rider has slim chances of making it if between group leaders there is constant division of force.

For Lee things get ugly. Having been kept out of the loop, he is in for a surprise with his military comrades destined to deploy Project Hometown. With strange attacks menacing to kill him, Lee will unravel mayhem festering within the ranks of his comrades. The infected are yet another challenge as a surprise is set in motion: Women run scarce and are nowhere to be found. Where are the infected women? This poses a heart-pounding turn of events for human survivors. The infected will never die out. At this pace, they will outlive humans. Can't wait to read the next book!

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