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Terms of Enlistment: A "Legendary" read

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Terms of Enlistment

A surprising read unlike other SF books I've read. The voice of this read is much different than others, being a story told from the first person point of view. The language used is also different, very down to earth, rough, yet extremely gratifying by the way the author delivers his story.

We start off as Andrew Grayson, a young recruit who'll do anything to escape the Commonwealth in which he now lives in. He joins the military in search of a new reality, of hearty food and other possibilities to enrich his lifestyle. 

Once in Basic Training and beyond that, Grayson finds himself in a very unusual adventure, finding his natural talent to be an Army Grunt, a fighter born for the action offered by the unit. 

The storyline is gripping, full of action and details that constantly warp you to the future, year 2, 108. The description of weaponry, ammunition, textures regarding full body armor and such, give the read an enjoyable depth. 

I almost took out a star as I glided towards the end of the read. The last few chapters once in the Capella system kind'a threw me off a bit, the findings there sounding a bit too cheesy for me. The rhythm of the read fluctuated at the end, but managed a solid landing in the last chapter.

The book leaves us wanting more as the end is splashed with many inquiries and loose knots. Very recommended for all who enjoy a good SF book. Some reviews mention on how this read is similar to StarShip Troopers. I disagree. The narrative is dramatically different. If Heinlein has a smooth, elegant way of narrating; Kloos has a more simple, casual, gory voice, which is a treasure in itself.

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