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Audiobooks by Audible

I guess most consumers will ask themselves the same question I asked myself upon engaging with an audiobook: Will it ever replace a book you read, listen albeit through the monologue you narrate to yourself?

My first experience with an audiobook was with DJ Molles's The Remaining: Refugees. I was fearful, because the series is so damn good I was afraid the narration would be subpar and demote the story. I read, devoured the last two books, and now I was about to listen to the third one in an experiment to find out what an audiobook was all about.

It was surprisingly great, to say the least. The audiobook, narrated by a professional narrator, Chris Rummel, was exquisitely professional. The thing is that the book is narrated in a way that it builds its own cadence, it picks up a rhythm and then destroys it, to come up with a jittering speed as the action speeds up, slowing down as melancholy or depression is found within the words of the original text. The various voices representing each character of the novel are very specific for each personality, keeping its quality as the book drives onward. You find yourself recognizing the various voices spoken by the narrator, keeping you on track with the story and on the edge of your seat. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to record so many spoken words, with such perfect synchrony with the development of the actual text, with the identity of each specific character. Truly admirable.

I am excited to know that other narrators are being included into Audible, such as Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White in AMC's roaring series "Breaking Bad".

To respond the above-mentioned question, I concluded that no, an audiobook will never replace the actual text you read. Why? Because they are not meant to replace one another, but to be complimentary. On the tedious moments when I have to drive long hours on end in heavy traffic, an audiobook proves to be a perfect companion. When working long hours of simple-minded work that needs only my eyes to crosscheck information, the perfect companion seems to be an audiobook. After a hefty meal, I sometimes find myself not wanting to sleep but to linger in a drift-away state, not wishing to dedicate neuronal power to reading but definitely in search of a good story--an audiobook is the perfect solution.

An audiobook could go wrong very easily. Say, if the narrator suddenly loses his cadence and derails you, it could be a disaster and ruin the experience. But with professional narrators, Audible makes an exemplary work in providing a great product. At times I found myself drifting with the narrative, forgetting that I was listening to a story and actually living the scenes in the eye of my mind. It is as good as any other read, because the characters, the voices, the narration is memorable. It lingers, and makes you desire for another great narration.

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