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Gazing into the stars is a passion many of us share, an activity even children find captivating. The soul seems to be caressed by the distant, scintillating light of the stars, which comes tainted with deep memories from the far reaches of the universe. Galaxies blaze abroad and beyond, and meaning is sought in every wincing light floating in the unknown. It was during any other night that I felt lured by the stars, lured to begin writing the adventure of a man, sad and lost, who found himself through self-discovery.

The curious thing is that, as deep and unknown as the universe might be, so are we, who hold a scintillating universe within, full of truth, full of hidden depths.

To delve deep within the caverns of our soul is to come closer to ourselves; which in turn, may yield a mirthful smile. The road to self is a road seldom traveled, and yet, those who have gone deep into the wells of the 'self' have come back, purified by the loss and the gain of truths and lies, hidden within.

Take the chisel and hack away the unessential; sculpt yourself and find your sole source of contentment. I took the main character of "Despondency" through this arduous process, slowly morphing him into something much greater than his former self.

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