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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This is a movie about Jiro, one of Japan's finest--if not the finest--creators of sushi. 

My review:

Art reaches its highest peak when the simple becomes the glorious (see the review in Amazon)

A lovely display of how an individual takes a craft and works at it day after day to become a master. The craft then becomes a passion, a vehicle that invites self-exploration. The craft becomes part of the individual, a pupil woven within the embroiders of his passions; soon he will know, he will know that he may now call himself a master. And even so, after becoming a master at his craft, he learns, day after day, that a master is only at his highest when he humbly accepts that he will forever linger within the universe of learning. 

A must see, suitable for children and individuals of any age. I used to be unappreciative of sushi, but after watching this movie and understanding the craftsmanship behind it, I certainly look forward to try sushi from experienced hands. 

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